Teachers Program

Proof of Teacher Board Certificate


We appreciate all teachers and your dedication to all your students. Kspire will be another source for you to inspire your students, by rewarding them with points with true value. 

Giving Points to Reward Students


Kspire will give all teachers the power to give points based on their choices. Examples: Good grades on a test, great presentation, sharing, answering questions in a group - whatever the teachers chooses. 

Points for Prizes


We will have thousands of prizes on Kspire from haircuts, movie passes, bowling, laser tag, car racing, mini golf, food, and many others. For every $1.00 value will equal 1000 points. So something that is valued at $20.00 is worth 20,000 points.

How Many Kspire Points


Kspire will give 250,000 points every month - this equals $250.00 in prizes. Points that are not used will carry over each month.

How the Teachers Give the Points


Each teacher will have a profile and in their back office they will have a bank that will hold the points. Only members of Kspire can receive points. As easy as clicking a button adding a members number and transfer. This can be done 24 hours a day from any iPhone or Android phone. Once those points are given they will disappear from your bank.  

Thank You, Teachers - God Bless You!


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