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technology with heart!


Kids give from the heart!

Children have some of the most open and pure hearts on this planet.

At Kids Give to Kids (Kspire) we believe in the highest level of hope and compassion in every person. We provide an opportunity for children to practice generosity.  

There is nothing better than giving from the heart. 


Our program is SIMPLE and made for CHILDREN!

The way it works: Children donate the toys they no longer play with through our App. Other children then choose from thousands of shared toys as gifts.  

When a child drops off a toy at a participating restaurant he/she will receive a free kid's meal.

When a child picks up the selected toy at a participating restaurant he/she will receive a free kid's meal.   

Participating local restaurants will be  the drop-off and pick-up locations for these gifts.

Each child will also be able to earn  points that can be redeemed for prizes.   


Meet the Founder!

Founder: Daniel Barrett

I created Kids Give to Kids (Kspire) from my heart because of my own experience of being brought up in foster care and a single-parent home.  

As a child, I didn't have the choice of the toys that I received from others.  Although I was very grateful, I simply had to accept what was given.

Through working with Toys for Tots for five years, I helped collect and distribute thousands of toys and loved every moment of it. The children are always appreciative, but most did not receive what they wanted because they were not picked specifically for them by those that know them.

I feel Kids Give to Kids (Kspire) creates a more personal experience because  the receiving child chooses their gift. The sharing child gives their once-loved toy knowing their gift was selected.

I feel so blessed to be where I am today. I hope to show others how easy it is to love complete strangers, not to judge or look down upon anyone, and to give with an open heart.

God Bless The World!  

The WHY Video

I hope I can KSPIRE! you.



Tyrell Software

Tyrell Software is pleased to help 

bring to life Daniel Barett's heartfelt 

dream Kids Give To Kids  (Kspire) . 

Tyrell has developed software 

for various non-profits and youth 

organizations, but Kids Give To Kids

is a unique opportunity bringing 

the blessing of sharing to a whole 

different level.

Tyrell's 30+ year experience 

developing enterprise software in 

education, non-profits, health care, 

and media organizations with the 

most recent relevant technologies 

such as mobile, tablet, and cloud 

environments will enables the 

Kids Give To Kids (Kspire)

vision to come to fruition. 

Tyrell Software Corp



Tisha Templeton

Specializes in the development of accounting and finance systems as well as the structure and execution of operational procedures, contract negotiations, administration of human resource and benefit programs, and infrastructure building. She has served in an executive capacity for over 15 years for Ground Zero Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a strategic regulatory and product development consulting firm.  Ms. Templeton's financial background includes designing and implementing the accounting systems for both OXO Chemie AG (a multinational pharmaceutical corporation) and Interleukin Genetics, Inc., formerly Medical Science Systems, Inc. (a biotechnology firm), in addition to several start up companies. She has also developed financial auditing systems for clinical trial programs. In addition, Ms. Templeton has been involved with business plan creation and production for M&A and venture capital firms.




At launch, the app will be available at Kspire

We took the word inspire replaced 

the IN for K which stands for Kids. 

We will be creating many 

Superheroes from the planet 

Kspire to help end bullying. 

contact us to become a part of our community!

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